The world of the broke and fabulous 

Inspired by my misadventures in Copenhagen, Down and Out in DK is my attempt to chronicle the lessons learned during the transformative process of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world on limited budget. 

Leaving the country of one's birth for unknown territories is difficult, in and of itself. And the challenges increase exponentially when financial insecurity is thrown into the mix. However, I've found that the absence of a monetary safety net in a foreign country has been the catalyst for the greatest personal, mental, and intellectual growth I've ever experienced.

I will admit, this process has not been easy. My early days in Europe were filled with feelings of frustration, anxiety, and loneliness. But with three years experience under my belt, I realize that many others felt what I felt, and I wasn't as isolated as I had once assumed. And the lack of funds didn't stop me from creating an amazing life in Copenhagen. Some how, I survived and collected hilarious tales, wonderful friends, and awesome fashion along the way. 

So this blog is for those who are in the early stages of this transformation. Those with wanderlust in their hearts and dust in their pockets. For the individuals who, upon being confronted by the obscene expense of life abroad think, "what the hell did I get myself into?" This is for the international students for whom meat becomes a luxury. To all who are nervously counting their last kroner, euro, or pound, welcome to the world of the fabulously broke.  I'll be your guide for this trip and share some of the tips and lessons I've learned along the way to help you navigate this unpredictable and exciting road. 

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